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I have utilized the collection services of Collectronics for the past seven years; and would not use any other agency.Closing quotes

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The Advantage of Using Collectronics Versus Our Competitors


Our Competitors

  • Collectronics's Commission structure fee and contingent fee are less than its competitors fees
  • Our competitors charge 25% to 40% more in commission fees and contingent fees.
  • There are never any requests for up-front costs or non-contingent suit fees. All post-judgment fees are also advanced by Collectronics
  • Our competitors often request advanced suit fees of up to $500.00 or more on each account placement. They may request a 10% advancement of the principal amount due before litigating an account
  • Collectronics does not request an increase in its contingent fee or commission if an account is referred to one of its attorneys for litigation. The commission rate charged remains the same regardless if the account is collected with or without suit.
  • Our competitors normally increase their contingent fee or commission fee up to 25% or 30% if suit is required.
  • Collectronics has at its disposal, in-house legal representation and the support staff necessary to provide complete litigation and related services. Before suit is filed, Collectronics's account managers will determine the proper legal identity of the individual company or concern which is to be sued. This may include the appropriate credit check, Secretary of State search, real property search, ownership determination, etc. Once the background verification is completed and it is determined that suit is required to facilitate collection, Collectronics's attorney will prepare the necessary Summons and Complaint for filing
  • Our competition often employs outside counsel to litigate cases assigned for collection. Their counsel is generally selected from a national directory of collection attorneys who often do not have a long standing relationship with the collection agency or the original creditor. These attorneys often require substantial up-front costs, including filing fees, incidental fees and non-refundable, non-contingent suit fees totaling hundreds of dollars. In addition, Collectronics's competition may not have the ability to determine the proper legal identity of the debtor before suit is prepared and filed. Often, Collectronics's competition request that you, the client, provide the background information.
  • The ability to communicate at the same professional level with a Controller, Treasurer, CFO, or President of a company is essential for the collector to produce a high recovery rate. These skills generally are not refined by the consumer collector. Along with superioir communications skills, the collector must also possess above average writing and negotiating skills. The account managers at Collectronics average over 15 years collection experience.
  • Our competition employs individuals who may not have the communication skills to effectively communicate with high level professionals such as Presidents, Chief Financial Officers, Treasurers or Comptrollers employed by a debtor company. Most agencies are consumer collections agencies only, and do not have the ability or skills to effectively communicate with these high level professionals.

There are Many Reasons to Choose Collectronics as your Source for Collections

Great Western Credit Bureau - A Distinct Advantage

  • Uniform Skip-Tracing Ability. Our skip-tracing system is unique. It allows us to perform skip-tracing on any account you assign regardless of the balance. No other company will guarantee this!
  • Advanced Information Systems. Our programs are proprietary and accommodate flexibility to specific reporting needs.
  • Customized Reports. Customization is well within our range of abilities.
  • Cross-Referencing of Accounts. Our billing and collection system automatically matches new accounts assigned to our existing inventory providing additional information.
  • In-House Attorneys' Office. Most agencies do not file lawsuits on accounts under $1,000.00 because of the high legal costs incurred.
  • Customer Satisfaction. We are committed to provide you with the highest quality of collection programs available.
  • Commitment. When you choose us for your collection needs, your accounts will receive the attention they deserve.
  • Full Service Company. Since today's business environment is much more demanding, yesterday's tools just are not enough. We have developed products and services (i.e., billing, litigation and software programs) that are tailored to your methods, systems and business directions.
  • Stability. Since 1920, our references will help tell the story of our success. It is so important today to choose a fiduciary company that will be around tomorrow. Match our references with our conservative financial policies and you have found the company you can trust.
  • Flexibility. We listen to your needs. Understand your priorities. Respond with the technology and initiative that really works for you. Just as important as the unique programs we have readily available is our ability to create new ones.