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Collectronics is resolute in their attempts to collect money while remaining professional. This is important to our company because we are a large television station that values the public image of our company.Closing quotes

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What collection services do you make available to your clients?
  • How long do you spend on a claim prior to returning it to client for possible legal action or designation as a bad debt (uncollectible)?
  • Do you manage clients' litigation through a legal forwarding department? If so, please specify.
  • What are the criteria for referring an account to outside legal counsel?
  • What additional steps can your organization take to assist clients in collecting their accounts?
  • Does your company report accounts to credit bureaus? If so, which one(s)?
  • Do you have the ability to make personal visits to a debtor's place of business on a national basis? Please specify your company's alliance of private investigators and/or other collection companies.


Attorney demand letters at no charge. GWCB also provides ongoing educational seminars and training on credit collection related issues at the client's physical location or off site. GWCB also offers at no charge its food and beverage clients a membership in its food and beverage credit organization.

Approximately one year.

For those cases, which require litigation, either in California or Nevada, in-house counsel manages litigation files. For all other cases in other states, those accounts requiring litigation are forwarded to affiliate attorneys and a forwarding department manages litigation cases

Those accounts requiring litigation, which cannot be managed by in-house counsel, are referred to outside counsel (forwarding agents) in those states where the responsible party is located outside of California and/or Nevada. However, before litigation considered, each alternative placement must be carefully analyzed and evaluated for that purpose.

A complete and accurate background check must be obtained on those responsible, i.e., individuals, partnership, corporation, Limited Liability Company, non-profit or other entity. Once this information is obtained and it is determined that the responsible parties have financial ability to repay the debt, then the account placement is placed either with GWCBs in-house counsel or outside counsel for suit to be filed and served.

Account balances under $1,000 are not worthy of suit. Once the suit is prepared and filed, GWCB and its attorneys will litigate each case until it is either collected, closed due to death, insolvency or bankruptcy.

Judgments expiration differs from state to state. For example, in California a judgment expires after ten years, unless it is renewed. GWCB routinely renews judgments to protect it clients. Judgments that may appear to be uncollectible at one time may become collectible in the future.

GWCB regularly provides helpful information, in-house training and educational seminars. GWCB also offers credit evaluation, legal research and financial background research to assist its clients in evaluating potential customers. GWCB also shares credit related information on various and potential customers in the food and beverage industry to assist in evaluating their credit worthiness.

GWCB has also provided its clients with procedures to assist them in evaluating their current collection agencies.

GWCB also provides its clients' personnel with training on the timing to consider third party intervention to collect outstanding accounts and to balance the collection needs against business retention concerns.

GWCB reports to credit reporting agencies after thirty days. The delay in reporting is to determine if the responsible party has a valid dispute before any adverse information is submitted to any of three major National credit-reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and Transunion. This procedure will help insulate GWCB or its clients from any potential claims for violation of the Federal Fair Debt Credit Reporting Act.

GWCB and its affiliates do not employ the services of private investigators unless a specific situation warrants such inquiry. Most financial information regarding a debtor's or judgment debtor's assets can be obtained through other means rather than through a personal visit or surveillance.

A personal visit by a debt collector is highly risky and exposes the debt collection agency, law firm or the assignor, to potential liability if an adversarial situation should develop between those responsible and the field representative. It is for this reason that in the past, GWCB has refrained from employing agents to make field visits.