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Collectronics is resolute in their attempts to collect money while remaining professional. This is important to our company because we are a large television station that values the public image of our company.Closing quotes

Nationwide radio syndication controller

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does your organization have the ability to forward payment and remittance advises to clients via Electronic Transfer?
  • Dto you have the ability to provide location and unit specific bills to enhance tracking and accountability of our purchases.
  • What other products or services are offered by your company?



GWCB has the ability through its advanced computer systems to customize reports to each client’s location or sub-location. GWCB will work directly with the appropriate persons at the Young's Market Company along with its computer persons to devise and implement any individual reports.

GWCB, on occasion, provides its clients with account information to assist it in reviewing credit and establishing credit terms and/or policies with potential customers before credit is extended. This includes a variety of information from several sources, including corporation and individual financial evaluation. The information may include corporate background checks, credit references, previous judgments, current or past lawsuits, security interest liens of others, personal credit history of individuals and further evaluation of applicants on a Nationwide basis, at no charge.

GWCB further offers to its clients educational seminars and workshops at no charge (either in-house or off-site locations). GWCB sponsors and hosts monthly food and beverage industry credit meetings. These meetings are held in strict confidence to assist food and beverage vendors in extending credit and/or monitoring credit already extended to its customers.