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Our skip-tracing system is unique. It allows us to perform skip-tracing on any account you assign regardless of the balance. No other company will guarantee this!

A CD-ROM based address correction and postal coding software that corrects and standardizes street addresses to the United States Postal Service guidelines.

Telephone numbers are verified through the extended auto match features of an advanced CD-ROM based telephone directory. Accounts are also processed by address and information for neighbors.

Property ownership and assessment information is accessed for the addressed against a state-wide CD-ROM data base. If an address change occurs after assignment, our computer automatically orders the update.

GWCB also obtains up-to-the-minute asset confirmation by utilizing several on-line sources such as DataQuick, Lexis-Nexis and Dunn & Bradstreet and the three major credit reporting agencies. Collectronics also has online access to various local state and federal agencies in obtaining public information.

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Equally important to our company is that Collectronics never requests any up-front fees, non-refundable and non-contingent suit fees for their advances on litigated cases. Closing quotes

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